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White Cabbage Fantasy 100 seeds

White Cabbage Fantasy 100 seeds

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White Cabbage Fantasy (Brassica oleracea convar. Capitata var. Alba) is an early variety (55-60 days from planting to harvest), forming spherical heads, made of light green leaves with a slight waxy coating. It is suitable both for cultivation in the field and under covers. Fantazja headed cabbage is suitable for direct consumption raw or cooked, especially in the form of cabbage rolls. It has a delicate flavor and brittle leaves that easily separate from the head.We grow Fantasy headed cabbage from seedlings. We sow the seeds at the turn of February and March. The seedlings should be planted under cover in March or in the open ground in April, keeping a distance of 40 x 40 cm. The seedlings grown in the ground should be covered with non-woven fabric, thanks to which we will speed up the growing season. Light, moist and rich in nutrients and humus are the most suitable soils for growing cabbage. The best position is sunny and sheltered from the wind. Cabbage heads are ready for harvest from July, and grown under cover at the turn of May and June.The coating of the seeds of headed cabbage Fantazja facilitates their precise point sowing, limiting the necessity to interrupt the plants later, and protects the germinating seeds against dangerous soil pathogens.

The package contains 100 seeds

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