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Wild Yellow Sweet Cover - Melilotus officinalis 3 grams - 1000 seeds NON GMO

Wild Yellow Sweet Cover - Melilotus officinalis 3 grams - 1000 seeds NON GMO

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Yellow sweet clover or Yellow melilot - honey plant (Melilotus officinalis) is an undemanding and long-flowering annual plant, characterized by excellent nectar and pollen yield.
Yellow flowering shoots up to 100 cm, attract bees, butterflies and other useful pollinators to the garden. The inflorescence of the melilot takes the form of a long, loose cluster and is composed of funnel-shaped butterfly flowers. The flowering period of the proposed species is from July to October. For this reason, yellow sweet clover is perfect for the role of late honeyflow for bees. The honey yield of this reliable plant is high and is in the range of 400-600 kg / ha. The species offered in our store is also a valuable material for green manure. The green parts of plants are rich in nitrogen, so after cutting the melilot and plowing or digging its position, we will get beds ready for the cultivation of species that require large doses of this nutrient, e.g. cruciferous vegetables. Melilot herb is also a valuable herbal raw material. It is used in the treatment of, among others skin diseases and pharyngitis.

Yellow sweet clover seeds can be sown already in early spring. The position for growing plants should be sunny. In terms of the type of soil, the offered species is not particularly picky. It grows and blooms best on fertile, sufficiently moist, not too heavy substrates. It is an ideal plant for bee hives, which can be used in naturalistic gardens and flower meadows.

Pocket contains 3 grams or about 1000 seeds
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