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Wintering Onion 200 seeds

Wintering Onion 200 seeds

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Introducing wintering onions into the garden is a very good solution. This allows for picking chives or whole onions until this year's appearance in the gardens, and those on sale may already raise doubts about freshness. The wintering onion of the Hiberna variety offered by our store is distinguished by the mild taste of the flesh.

Name: Hiberna wintering onion

Life form: biennial plant

Height: The leaves of a wintering onion can be even several dozen centimeters long.

Onion: The onion of this variety is quite large. It has a spherical, almost regular shape and a white, juicy flesh. It is distinguished by its mild taste and long shelf life.

Foliage: The leaves of the wintering onion can be used as chives. A single plant forms a dozen or so cylindrical, tubular, hollow leaves. The leaves are most often erect and have a vivid green color. In older plants, they may begin to lay slightly.

Picking date: Onions can be harvested in June of the following year after sowing. For the summer harvest, the seeds should be sown in mid-August of the previous year.

Application: Onion is definitely one of the basic vegetables, not only in Polish cuisine. Many recipes will not be possible without the addition of white cubes. The wintering onion seeds available in our store will appeal to lovers of this vegetable - its onions and leaves are ready to eat before the standard varieties appear. Onions are added to all types of dishes - both meat and vegetarian, it is a reliable, tasty component of sauces and salads. Many of us cannot imagine scrambled eggs without its addition, the rest are certainly fans of eggs with chives. There are really many ways to use wintering onions.

Frost resistance: The wintering onion of this variety is frost resistant. Properly secured, it easily keeps the winter in the ground.

Position: Wintering onion seeds are sown in a sunny and warm place. They thrive best in soft, well-drained soil with a neutral pH. The plant will not succeed in clay soil and in places where water stays for a long time, it also does not like acidic soil.

Spacing: 25x30 centimeters

Latin Name: Allium cepa 'Hiberna'

Contains 2 grams or around 200 seeds
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