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Wisteria Sinensis 1 seed

Wisteria Sinensis 1 seed

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A variety with fabulously pink flowers. Intensely fragrant flowers, gathered in long clusters, up to 45 cm long. Its sweet scent attracts useful bees to the garden. It blooms at the turn of May and June, often repeats flowering in summer. A very attractive, perennial climber grows up to 10m, with an annual increase of 1-3m. Twisting shoots sprinkled with pink flowers create a beautiful spectacle. The plant is also decorated with green, pinnate leaves that create a picturesque background for the flowers. In autumn the leaves turn yellow, sunny colors. An extremely showy plant, it is impossible to ignore the blooming Rosea wisteria.

Wisteria, also known as wisteria or sweetlin, is definitely one of the prettiest vines. It owes its beauty to huge flowers, which it produces a lot.
Their structure is a bit like golden eagle inflorescences. The large complex leaves that form the background for the lush inflorescences are also impressive. Wisteria is a fairly strong climber that twists on supports that should be strong and tall. Annual increments reach 1-3 m. The fruit of wisteria, as in all plants from the legume family, is a pod, which is also very decorative, and remains on the vine throughout the winter.

Wisteria has very thick stems, so it needs solid supports. Suitable for covering gazebos, walls of buildings, garages. It is best to plant it against a wall of a building sheltered from the wind, which is always warmer in winter.

Growing conditions. Prefers sunny and sheltered positions. It should grow in fertile but well-drained soil as it does not like stagnant water. In autumn, it is advisable to fertilize with manure. For the first few years, it is worth covering the plant with agrotextile, and even better with an ordinary straw mat. In the following years, before winter, a mound of soil should be made around the plant and the base of the trunk covered with a straw mat.

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