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Yarrow Flower Dried 50g 1.76 oz

Yarrow Flower Dried 50g 1.76 oz

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Yarrow is an exceptionally popular plant, both in Poland and in the world.
It is sometimes called porridge, and in the meadows it is easy to recognize by its characteristic, basket-shaped, white inflorescences.
Its Latin name - Achillea millefolium - comes from the name of Achilles, who was supposed to use this herb to accelerate the healing of wounds suffered in battle.

In herbal medicine, both the herb and the yarrow flower are used.
The herb can be used both internally and externally as an anti-inflammatory agent that accelerates wound healing - just like in Achilles.
In the case of internal use, according to the herbal literature, yarrow herb can be used in digestive disorders as well as kidney and digestive system ailments.

Eco-certified product.

100% yarrow herb - a product of organic farming.

Directions for use:
Pour a teaspoon of herb with a glass of cool water. Heat, covered, for 20 minutes, not allowing it to boil. Drain.
You can also put a teaspoon of the herb into a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes.

Drink the decoction or infusion 2-3 times a day for a quarter-half glass or use for compresses and washes.

50 g.

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