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Yellow Coneflower Seeds

Yellow Coneflower Seeds

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Yellow coneflower (Echinacea paradoxa) is a beautiful, long-flowering decorative perennial, and also a valuable herb. This vigorous plant grows up to 80-120 cm, depending on the soil's fertility, and takes on a tuft habit. Large flower buds form on the tops of its straight, long stems, which, when developed, show convex, spiky, brown centers, surrounded by a ring of long, drooping gently yellow petals.

Yellow coneflower can be grown from spring and early sowing straight into the ground or from sowing to seedlings in early autumn. This species prefers sunny locations, with humus and well-drained soil, but quite moist. Its flowers can be admired from June to October - they not only look effective, but also attract butterflies and useful pollinating insects to the garden. The coneflower with sunny yellow inflorescences looks great in large groups against the background of flower beds, accompanied by profusely blooming zinnia, variable dahlias and phloxes and ornamental grasses. From its flowers and leaves, you can make infusions to help treat colds and strengthen the body's immunity.

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