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Zinnia Chrysanthemum Mixed Colors 50 Seeds

Zinnia Chrysanthemum Mixed Colors 50 Seeds

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Zinnia Chrysanthemum Blend (Zinnia elegans chrysantha) These charming annuals bloom as long as the sunny weather lasts. A cheerful mix of colors will stay in our garden for many months. The uniformly colored jagged flowers resemble chrysanthemum flowers. They will delight us with a palette of fresh, intense colors, including specimens with yellow, pink, red, purple, orange, white, salmon and even light green flowers. Zinnias are perfect for plantings resembling a summer meadow, as well as for more formal gardens. Thanks to them, colorful bouquets can stay in your home throughout the summer.Extremely easy to grow and undemanding, plenty of sun is all they need. They can cope with large amounts of water, they grow on almost any soil, but it should be fertile and permeable. Zinnia seeds are best sown indoors. They germinate very quickly, but we plant the young plants in a permanent place when the danger of temperature drop below zero is over. When planting, remember to keep spacing, and the plants will repay you with a nice habit and abundant flowering.

Each packet contains 1 g of Zinnia Chrysanthemum seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Zinnia Elegans Chrys. Fl. Pl.

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