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Zinnia Envy Flower 1g

Zinnia Envy Flower 1g

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Zinnia refined dahlias Envy is an annual plant with greenish-yellow inflorescences filled with lingual flowers that reach a height of about 60 cm. Its flowering period is from June to July until late autumn. It is used for flower beds, borders and cut flowers. The optimal period for sowing seeds under covers will be March and April. Place the seedlings in the ground in mid-May, adhering to the spacing of 40 x 40 cm. The position that we should provide for the plant for proper development is a sunny place with fertile and moderately dry soil. Envy's dahlia zinnia is able to withstand low temperatures, but it only happens up to a certain point - in the event of frosts its development is inhibited. Zinnia can be called a real queen of the garden and it will not be an exaggeration. In combination with other specimens from the range of its species, it looks really fabulous. Also other plants grown in the company of zinnia visually benefit from its presence. It is a plant that does not like solitude - so it is always worth taking care of zinnia companions and creating larger groups. Buying its seeds will certainly not be a waste of money - this wonderful plant will enchant you with its charm and repay you with beautiful flowering.

The package contains 1 gram of seeds which is about 30 seeds.

Zinnia elegans dahl. fl. pl.
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