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Zucchini Black Beauty 30 seeds

Zucchini Black Beauty 30 seeds

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The cylindrical form of Black Beauty zucchini fruits are long and slender. The fruit is dark green in color and can be eaten as stuffing, as well as in baked, fried or stewed dishes.

The seeds are sown in April - under covers or directly into the ground or seedbed - after May 15.
Plant the seedlings in a permanent place after the last frost - that is, from May 15 to the end of June, at a distance of 100 x 60 cm
We get the maturity of the crop from July to September.
The position for the courgettes should be warm, sunny and sheltered from the wind. It is important to water zucchini regularly, especially in hot weather and dry weather. Loss of moisture can be prevented by mulching, for example with horticultural nonwoven, which will also limit the growth of weeds. When planted on a fertile soil fertilized with organic fertilizer, the zucchini does not need to be fertilized. However, if there is such a need, it can be supplemented with a multi-component fertilizer right after flowering, and then after each fruit harvest. The first ones may appear in June, and the last ones will be collected in the second half of September, and sometimes in October. Unfortunately, the first frosts effectively damage the plant.

A vegetable rich in many valuable vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C and minerals (potassium, calcium and iron). It strengthens the immune system, has a deacidifying effect and has a positive effect on the digestive processes. It does not accumulate heavy metals.

Number of seeds: 3-5 pcs. in gram
Sowing rate: 3-4 kg / 1ha
Planting date: 1st decade IV (seedling); 1st decade (sowing) Planting date: 2nd decade V Spacing: 80x100 cm Vegetation: 65-70 days Picking date: 3rd decade VII - 1st decade VIII

5 grams - around 30 seeds
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